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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  February 25, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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let me finish tonight with why i real quliked last night's oscars. i like the way they respected the past and the present. "argo" won because people that went to see it at the movies applauded like mad at the ending. that never happens. it happened this time. i believe it's because it showed the kind of foreign policy event we miss today. it's about winning. it was about doing it nonviolently. it was about cooperating with another country. it's about getting the heck out of one of those countries, at least, iraq, afghanistan, libya, syria. we get stuck and can't seem to ever get out of. look, i believe the academy awards are america's other mood ring. presidential election the first. the beauty of last night's awards show is it tells you so much and in so many different ways us about. one thing it told me is america
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is hungry for a winner. movies are always about today. kit be a period piece, but it's really about the times we're living in. look at "mash" from the old days. it was supposed to be about korea. we know it was about vietnam. and all the "sandals" movies about the biblical times. they were really about jim crow. and lincoln is about how politics practiced for a good purpose can get something done, even today, something historic and glorious. and by the way, put me down as a seth mcfarland fan. there are things i would have cut from the lines. but this guy reminds me of the good old days of bob hope and johnny carson. he brought back show business in the academy wards and set up shirley bassy singing "gold finger" 50 years later and that great production number from "les mis" and my friend barbara streisand. finally, you know i like jennifer lawrence winning for
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best actress. she really s and that's "hard ball" for now. "politics nation" with al sharpton starts right now. >> thanks, chris. thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, gop hack job. there are just four days until $85 billion of spending cuts are scheduled to kick in. these cuts would be disastrous. and may also throw millions of people out of work and hurt our economic recovery. the president wants to stop these cuts by closing the loopholes that favor millionaires but republicans just flat out refuse. but here's the problem -- outside of the republican caucus rooms and quiet gop rooms where the big money men make their deals, there are real live american families who will be
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unnecessarily hurt. >> thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. tens of thousands of parents will have to deal with finding childcare for their children. hundreds of thousands of americans will lose access to primary care and preventative care like flu vaccinations and cancer screenings. and the longer these cuts are in place, the bigger the impact will become. >> the impact is clear. but republicans are putting their heads in the sand about how bad it's going to get. >> do you have a sense of how many jobs will be lost as a result of this xwester? >> i do not. >> really, mr. speaker? you're the guy in charge. and you don't know? well, here it is. the congressional budget office says there will be 750,000 job losses. another independent economic group says 700,000 jobs losses. no matter how you slice it, it's
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bad. real bad. real families hurt. and the details of what would happen are starting to come in. and speaker boehner's home state of ohio, these cuts would kick 2500 kids out of head start. cause 5,000 fewer kids to get vaccines and cut $823,000 from a program to help seniors get meals. speaker boehner, is that what really voters elected you to do? crack down on preschoolers and seniors who need to eat? folks, republicans will have a hard time selling these horrific cuts to people back home. but some may not have to. these cuts would also shut down the only airport in congressman paul ryan's hometown of jamesville, wisconsin. i guess that's one way to avoid facing voters. make sure you can't get home from washington.
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joining me now is james peterson and jarrod burnstein. jarrod, these cuts seem bad no matter what party you're from. what's your analysis of this? >> obviously, bad. for the economy, as you mentioned, remember -- you don't hear this enough. we have an unemployment rate that's already way too highly elevated, stuck at 8% overall for african-americans, much higher. and what does this kind of policy do? it takes an economy that's already not growing quickly enough and subtracts $85 billion of spending in 2013. that shaves about half a percent off gdp growth. so whether we're talking about a macro level, the numbers i was citing, or a micro level, how this plays out on the ground, you know, poor families losing educational slots, head start slots, childcare slots, nutritional programs for women,
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infan infants and kids, absolutely the wrong time. this is a particularly terrible time for this kind of nonsense. >> it's never a good time. fwh but this is particularly egregious. let me ask you dr. peterson, the president said something that i want to play you. i want to raise another point to you. he called out the gop for refusing to budge on these cuts. listen to what he says and then i want to ask you a question. >> i know that some people in congress were effectively opposed any idea that i put forward, even if it's an idea they once supported. but rebuilding infrastructure is not my idea. it's everybody's idea. this town has to get past its obsession with focusing on the next election instead of the nextall elected officials and concerned about our politics in
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our party and the other parties. but at some point we got to do some governing. >> professor peterson, i mean has the gop just given up on being a governing party and just say we're going to -- have they just given up altogether on being part of the governing and making this country work? >> i'm not sure what the long term political gain of that, but it's clear that if this sequestration goes through on friday, it looks like it will, it's the beginning of an era of us astart austerit austerity in states. remember, this is such an abstract concept when put in place at the debt ceiling talks. it was literally put in place to force political figures to come to the table, to come to compromise and to make decision that's are benefit for the future of this country going forward. that has failed to happen and we have to look at the obstructionism that we see on
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the part of the republicans and at the end of the day, we have to really think is this the direction we want to go in as a nation? the cuts here are just too sloppily placed. there is nothing strategic about the sequester. that's why you see so much pain and different communities and different states. that's why you see governor's coming against it. the challenges here are many. and we need all hands on deck. >> jarrett, when you look at me, we're talking about real people. forget republicans, democrats, forget the beltway. real people are going to have to deal with this. let's go out into america. let's go into the mainland america. cleveland, ohio, the "cleveland plain dealer" says spending cuts would be felt here as a headlinheadline louisville, kentucky and indiana would feel federal spending cuts from defense to parks. "new york newsday," $3 billion
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in sandy aid at risk. when the rubber meets the road, people are bracing for something that is totally unnecessary and unthinkable and on top of pain that they're already dealing with, i mean all politics is local. won't stories like this in some how, some way affect republicans? can't they even hear their own constituents at home? >> you know, very much hope so. it happens to be the case that 80% of civilian military employees have been and the department of defense are outside of washington. when you talk about something like 800,000 furloughs there, you're talking about precisely the cities across the country you just mentioned. one idea that i hear a lot of is as these cuts begin to be felt by real people as we're describing in our conversation, they'll get in touch with their members of congress and republicans will back down. but remember, you used a very
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important word here. you said something to the effect of an unnecessary manufactured crisis. remember, this is not the way governance is supposed to look, especially at a time when the economy is already too weak. so instead of thinking about how can we help things get better, they keep setting fiscal time on one after another. and by the way, this is not the beginning of awe strarausterity. we already lost over $100 billion in people's paychecks through the expiration of the payroll tax break this $85 billion in fiscal contraction is on part of that. >> dr. peterson though, it is clear that the american people don't support these cuts in the areas they're talking about. when you look at the polls, 89% don't want to cut education. 84% don't want to cut disaster relief. 83% don't want to cut food or drug safety. 71% don't want to cut aid to the
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poor. these are not even close numbers. this is overwhelming majority of american people that don't want these cuts and these are the areas that will be cut starting friday if we don't overt this. >> that's right. these cuts will take us to a 50-year lull in terms of government discretionary spending. they're not strategic. they don't even really address the areas that have to be addressed in terms of the long term economic challenges. so, for example, they're going to work on all these sort of -- they're going to furlough the civilian military personnel. that is not the part of the budget that needs to be addressed. it's defense contracts and other spending that needs to be addressed. they're talking about making the cuts in education and teachers, police and fire in some states. those are not the kind of cuts that we need to be making in terms of infrastructure and social safety net. we need to come up with something comprehensive about medicare and looks to the long term. its no the strategic enough. that's why we're feeling pain in all the different situations. at the end of the day, it's another reflection of our hour
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government is broken. >> it is operating on the wrong part of the body. it's not even addressing where the ailment is. jack bernstein and james peterson, thank you for your time. >> thank you. ahead, the sound of republicans agreeing? yes! agreeing with the president. that hot story is next. and rush says the left has beaten us. but you won't believe what came out next. and dream, drum roll please, please, please run the drum roll. the winner of the best drama goes to -- the right-wing! why the newest attack on michelle obama deserves an award for ignorance. big show coming. stay with us. ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪
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donna says, the $240 million in the cuts to the office people with developmental disabilities would seriously hurt families with disabilities.
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>> i vote to furlough some members of congress. not a bad idea. want to find out what the impact of the cuts will be in your state? we have the details on our facebook page. please head over to facebook and search politics nation and like us to join the conversation that keeps going long after the show ends. u up for the challenge suds-maker? i'm gonna need more than that to get through the rest of these dishes! i want more suds! dawn? you won't last. [ female announcer ] a drop of dawn has active suds that stay stronger longer, so you can clean 2x more greasy dishes. to get the job done. you're full of suds after all. now drop and give me twenty spaghetti bowls! [ female announcer ] dawn does more. [ sponge ] so it's not a chore. [ female announcer ] dawn does more. ♪ ♪
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no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review. remember this picture? jan brewer pointed her finger in president obama's last year. she's no fan of the president. she couldn't wait to point that
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out. but with the automatic budget cuts set to go into effect in just four days, republican and democratic governors gathered in washington this weekend and they're starting to freak out. they're not pointing at the president anymore. they're pointing their blame on the republicans in congress. >> is it a greater danger to deal with the cuts or a greater dachger for the economy for republicans to give in on raising taxes. >> we do not like taxes. we don't like increase in taxes. but, you know, we have to be pragmatic. there has to be some type of compromise. but dang it, they need to get the job done. they don't need to leave the public out there hanging. >> a tea party governor suggesting compromise on taxes? it's not just governor brewer. other republican governors are telling their colleagues in congress it's time to go back to the bargaining table.
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>> the uncertainty is harming our states. >> the sequester was put in place to be a hammer, not a policy. now we're a week away. >> find another way to do it. >> arizona, too, we got raytheon which we don't know exact wla that's going to give us. it's going to cause us a lot of job losses. we have the federal government over there not doing their job. >> there should be limited government. i don't like random changes. if you look at our budget, i didn't do across the board cuts. a lot of times politicians are 10% across. i didn't do that. >> these governors know there are jobs at risk. they know food safety can be compromised. they know the cuts will limit access to health care. and if jan brewer and president obama can start seeing high to eye -- what's staping republicaopping
3:20 pm
the hill from compromising? let's bring in former pennsylvania governor ed rendell. will republicans in congress get the message? >> well, i think it was very helpful. it was coincidental the governors meet in washington this weekend every year. it was coincidental that it came as sequesters are upon us. it was very helpful. i think to hear republican governor saz -- to hear january brewer say that some form of revenue should be part of a compromise. look, the question is, mitch mcconnell said there is no way he's going to do this. i would like to ask every house member is this is essentially making sure that everyone no matter what their income pays 30%. pays more than the average working person who pays 28%, the secretary, et cetera.
3:21 pm
that onlyover $1 million. who thinks that is a bad idea that a millionaire pays the same percentage of taxes as a sector a guy who builds roads? does anybody think that's a bad idea? if the republicans were smart, they would haed the message from the jan brewers and scott walkers and say to themselves, look, that's a pretty good compromise because no middle class working people get hit by that. legality let's go with that. the president is willing to, almost 2 1/2 times as many cuts. let's get this thing done. >> but isn't that the point, governor? the point is that the millionaires and the billionaires are not going to be hurt by this at all. even if you close the hoop holes. but ordinary people, i'm talking about that mother watching this show tonight that has got to deal with the fact that come
3:22 pm
friday head start's gone. i'm talking about teachers. i'm talking about people that have been trying to make ends meet, that all of a sudden everything is going to snap out of nothing that they did wrong, only because of some stubbornness and political brinkmanship. can't the leaders of this country get it together? >> let me add middle class parents who zpend depend on the government to help with their autistic kids. it's stunning that we allowed this crisis, we're letting this crisis because of political posturing. we're letting this crisis determine the fate of a lot of people. i know it's fashionable now that this really isn't a crisis. tell the 7 au50,000 people who going to lose they're jobs according to the cbo, that's not a liberal thinking -- >> this is an independent body.
3:23 pm
the cbo says 750,000 jobs. if i'm sitting watching this tv right now and one of those people that are about to lose my job, if i'm one of those people about to be furloughed, if i'm a mother or father of an autistic kid, it is a real crisis to me. it may be manufactured to somebody on the beltway. and then i'm reading, governor, that the republicans actually think it's good for them politically to let the cuts kick in. very disturbing to me. "despite numbers, republicans are convinced they are in the driver's seat just as they say the calendar and the law helped obama on taxes in december." i mean we're playing brinksmanship while people's livelihood is at stake? >> and, you know, it's stupid, to be honest, rev. in three weeks or four weeks,
3:24 pm
march 27th, the government shuts down if we can't find a way to pass more dollars to keep it running. so there is another crisis four weeks down the road. and, look, in the end, and i would besieged president to, although he's done better on this than the republicans, let's not kick the can down the road. we've got -- if the sequester happens or if it doesn't happen, we have four weeks until the next crisis. let's try to do the big deal, the deal that puts another $2.5 trillion towards that debt. let's do the big deal. if we did it, rev, the economy in my judgment would explode. all that money that's on the sidelines explodes. >> i agree with you. don't kick the can down the road. but don't kick the american people in the backside either. let me ask you something. you have been governor of pennsylvania. republican governors and democratic governors seem to say
3:25 pm
let's compromise. your a governor. what can governors do? can they appeal to the congress people in their state? i mean is there anything with four days left those governors can do to help? >> sure. they can say if you don't compromise, we're going to call you out publicly. pz one thing if you're republican of the united states to call you out. it's another thing for your republican governor to call you out. chris matthews, it's hard ball. so the governors have to play hard ball. the clips you ran at the beginning of this segment were essentially calls them out. you had jan brewer sending a message to the arizona delegation, compromise. let's get this done. >> and they should call them out. you're right, play hard ball. you can come on here and call them all out. but call them now. we need to stop this. governor rendell, thank you for your time tonight.
3:26 pm
>> thanks. let's hope that it works. the ring wing is now attacking first lady michelle obama for appearing at the oscars. talk about desperate. give them an oscar for whining. i'll tell what you it's really about. and make room. you have new company at cpac. wait until you see who is joining the cast of characters. stay with us.
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a lot us were wondering how ted kruz would react to being compared to senator mccarthy. he is the most notorious figures in political history. a man who was disgraced for falsely accusing government officials of being communist. last week we found out. senator cruz once said president obama would be a good president
3:31 pm
of harvard law school because the school's faculty was filled with communists who want to overthrow the government. so did cruz hide from the story? issue a denial? maybe an apology? nope! his spokeswoman said, "senator cruz's substantive point was absolutely correct." absolutely correct? really? that president obama would fit in with harvard's communist that want to overthrow the government? but cruz is still seeing red now that he's in the senate. >> i think president obama is the most radical president we've ever seen. but i think a lot of republicans failed to stand for principle. and contributed to getting us in this mess. >> radical? you know what is really radical? making wild accusations about the president's nominee for
3:32 pm
defense secretary chuck hagel. >> it may be that he spoke at radical or extreme groups or anti-israel groups and accepted financial compensation, we don't know. it is at a minimum relevant to know if that $200,000 that he deposited in his bank account came directly from saudi arabia, came directly from north korea. i have no evidence to suggest that it is or isn't. >> cruz had no evidence to back any of that up. but he had no problem throwing he has accusations around anyway. didn't you think we would notice? nice try. we got you. to turn the page on your cup of joe? gevalia, or a cup of johan, is like losing yourself in a great book. may i read something? yes, please. of course. a rich, never bitter taste cup after cup. net weight 340 grams. [ sighs ] [ chuckles ] [ announcer ] always rich, never bitter.
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3:36 pm
>> if there's a way that money can be moved around, the military spent $2.5 million on gold fish to see how democratic they were and if we could learn about democracy from gold fish. >> learn about democracy from gold fish? i mean what's he even talking about? turns out, he has no clue himself. a professor behind the research says, "senator paul got the funding wrong and the species wrong and he misrepresents the work we've done." how's that for the new and improved gop? this guy's been flooded as the 2016 presidential candidate. he's a leading speaker at this year's cpac conference and making up stories about fish? gold fish to be exact. anyone see the problem here? and yet, the right keeps continuing to blame the left for their trouble. >> it makes me ashamed that we
3:37 pm
have sunk and descended to this level in our politics in order for the left to have to -- or be able to advance. they require ignorance. the left has beaten us. they have created far more low information, unaware, uneducated people than we've been able to keep up with. >> you're right about one thing, rush, the left's beaten you. but you and your party are the reason why. joining me now is angela wry and dana millbank. dana, a big time excuse from rush. what does it say about the state of the gop? >> well, i don't know. i think that perhaps rush limbaugh and rand paul and others should be studying gold fish to learn how to keep their mouths shut. because they seem to dig
3:38 pm
themselves in deeper and deeper here. there's been a lot of blaming that's going on every now and then. you think they sort of come to grips with the election defeat. and, no, they're going to go on saying well, it's about the technology. well, it's because the voters were ignore aant. well, it's because the democrats tricked them. well, there is something about the way we reached out to them, the way the message was. they're just not grasping that. the electorate is fundamentally changed to an electorate that is supporting gay marriage, to an electorate that is increasingly latino, that an electorate that is significantly compromised of women. so it's a matter of not understanding where the electorate has gone and pointing fingers at everything else. >> angela, i always say a fish wouldn't get caught if he kept his mouth shut. but you know, today we learn that the roster for cpac has now increased. we had mit romney, sarah palin,
3:39 pm
rand paul, allen west, and wayne lapierre. now i'm sure we'll have one that will have you and dana definitely wanting to go hear the great orator, rick perry is going to speak. what do you think, angela? >> whoo! just kidding. first and foremost, we have to talk about what is going on with the gop. the gop has, i think, a three-fold problem. it's the message. it's the messengers and the audienced audience is the person people who don't care to hear what they're talking about, whether it's on cpac or fox or some other media outlet, the message isn't resonating in part because when you look at the changing dem graphics of this country, they have got to at some point start talking about social issues because folks vote wholistically. what is the candidate talking about that makes sense to me? how does it impact me? and then at some point we have to address the humanity of
3:40 pm
politics, compassion and concern for your neighbor. all of which for some reason the republican party is so distant from, it just doesn't make any sense. >> but, you know, i think that -- cpac is the big conservative, you know, conference. it's their big main event every year. dana, let me ask you a serious question. here's a picture of governor chris christie of new jersey seated next to michelle obama, the first laid yes at the national governor's association dinner last night. now let me ask you a question. i just announced that -- i just reported rick perry is speaking at cpac. yet, the gop has still not seemingly got over christie speaking well of the president and working with him around hurricane relief because he has yet to be announced as a cpac speaker. how could someone with his high
3:41 pm
poll numbers, with his high standing with republican polls not be invited to speak at cpac? >> it's a good question. cpac is a very important event. i do like to go there every year and cover it. i'll be asking for combat pay from msnbc to do so again this year. and it's an interesting question. for years now it has been cpac was essentially the voice of the republican party that had gone in this conservative direction. is that changing now? are people like chris christie going to push back against that? marco rubio could be a person who could, clearly. i expect him to see there at cpac. i wouldn't be surprised if they close ranks with the new jersey governor as well. the question is are people in the party going to start standing up to this or is it going to be, you know, cpac is quite literally dominated by the nation national rifle association and the other special interests of the right. >> now angela, over the weekend
3:42 pm
governor bobby jendal was pressed on social issues. he was pressed on social issues. watch this. >> we're offering in the republican party a different solution which is about growth, not austerity. it's not about big banks, big wall street. it's truly conservative. is that a chafrpgs can ynge i s. >> we didn't present a vision showing how we believe the entire economy can grow. >> afrngela, you saw he ran awa from dealing with the social issue and ran back to economic issues. i mean can the gop deal with social issues and ever deal with the fact that it was not
3:43 pm
economic issues alone that led to their losing last year? >> well, let's just say this, rev, if they don't, they'll have a really difficult time winning future elections. >> angela wry and dana milbank, thanks for coming on the show tonight. >> thank you. >> coming up, michelle obama, the oscars and the right-wing drama. but there's a twist. ronald reagan's part of this story. oh, yes! and revealing the republican plan, the scam, scheme and steal the election is going on now and we wont let it happen. stay with us. aw this is tragic man, investors just like you
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and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. first lady michelle obama was a surprise guest at the oscars announcing the best picture nominees. but everyone is still talking about that other appearance on late night with jimmy fallon. she and jimmy showed off some mom dancing.
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on a night of oscar surprises, first lady michelle obama was the big surprise. her surprise appearance was one of the highlights of the
3:50 pm
evening. >> michelle obama. >> this has been an exciting year for movies and i want to congratulate all the nominees on their tremendous work. they made us laugh. they made us weep and they made us grip our arm rests just a little tighter. and the oscar goes to -- "argo"! congratulations. >> what a way to end the night. but the right-wing went on the attack before the after parties even started. let's bring in joe madison. thank you for being here. >> karen, some people on the right-wing are losing their minds over this appearance. i mean what's they're problem? >> you know, i think it's because they're gjealous. she's got some moves and look at how good she looked in that
3:51 pm
dress! come on. in all seriousness, you know, every first lady and president, there have been things that they've done that have been first, right? and so this is a first to have a first lady announce a winner. but it's not the first time a first lady has appeared in -- in the oscars. laura bush d-- >> 1941, franklin roosevelt spoke to the audience by radio. in 1981, ronald reagan, president ronald reagan taped a greetings for the show. these are presidents themselves. and laura bush appeared on an oscar show segment answering the question what do the movies mean to you? watch this. >> giant. all of his ambitions have been thwarted except, of course that, big well that comes in. >> so you've had two presidents and a first lady in the oscars. what were they angry about? she picked the winner? >> maybe so. and because the winner actually
3:52 pm
"argo" had something positive to say about federal government workers effectively doing their job. i'm sure that totally incensed them to no end, of course. but, i mean, look, we know this. this is an on going narrative with president obama and michelle obama do not get the same level of respect as previous presidents and first ladies. >> no question. >> we've seen it before. >> joe, rush limbaugh really went over the top, though. watch this. >> the optics, of course, are what matters. i thought of 1984. i thought that the macintosh ad from the super bowl of 1984 where exact type of scenario except michelle obama was actually the dear leader of this obviously a totalitarian state. a lot of people think that this was a giant propaganda effort by the white house to put michelle up there either to have an optic for low information voters who
3:53 pm
watched this event last night set up the 2014 olympics maybe some people even telling me this that was the opening salvo of a michelle obama for president. >> now let me show you the ad he is referring to. this is what he compared michelle obama, the first lady, giving the award or announcing the award for best picture to this ad. and this was a takeoff on 1984. i mean every time i think rush has gone as far as he can go, he does it again, joe. >> you know, somewhere i read that envy and jealousy is the weapon of the mediocre. and that's what happened with rush limbaugh. he is very immediate oaker in his criticism. number two, i know a little bit
3:54 pm
about award shows ago chaired the image awards and served on the committee this year. first of all, you don't invite yourself to be a presenter at an awards show. and kudos to the producer that came up with this concept to have the first lady step out of the governor's dinner and present it. you know -- and, you know, you are absolutely right. karen's absolutely right. i remember the criticism that jacqueline kennedy had after following mrs. eisenhower. michelle obama is not nancy reagan. she's not jacqueline kennedy. she has established a new standard for first ladies and people on the right, you might as well get used to it. she's cool. she's funny. she's smart. she's everything that we in our community, we've always known michelle obamas.
3:55 pm
and maybe that's part of the problem. >> she's the first lady, karen. >> that's right. i want to say, and don't forget, she is the first lady of the united states of america. and just as when laura bush appeared on the oscars, people had the opportunity to see the first lady of the united states of america, republicans or democrat. part of what is so disgusting about the way the right has really just completely attacked the president and first lady is that they forget that for some people it's just cool that the first lady popped out at the end of the oscars. they don't care what political party the person is from. i mean don't forget that the presidency is supposed to be about something bigger than our parties. >> and they're not running again. i mean they just were re-elected. there is no election they're playing to. it's the first lady at the oscars announcing best picture. a great thing, i think, for american cinema. >> and be careful. what they're trying to do and i said this the last time, this is
3:56 pm
about trying to rewrite their legacy. >> right. >> this is about trying to denounce them and that's why we have to do what we're doing tonight, to make sure that there is a counter to that foolishness. >> it's also about trying to keep that anger and resentment toward the obamas alive, to motivate their base going into 2014. don't forget. >> thank you. >> karen and joe, i've got to go. thank you for your time tonight. have a great evening. >> thank you, reverend. >> thanks. ahead, if you can't beat them, cheat them. the gop plan to steal the election is alive. we're watching you, governor snyder. that's next. [ dylan ] this is one way to keep your underwear clean.
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